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Why I am not a patriot!


Dear Friends,

It was at the political rally of the Nationalistic Party in Koblenz,

the ‘free-style event’ of the "European National Front" organized for Mrs. Petry, (the dumb rhetoric at this event gave rise to the mindless screams of "Merkel must-go")
which led me to come up with the following question:
Why am I not a patriot?

Because I don’t need a fatherland to have a good life,
a fatherland stuck within a nationalistic State;
because the whole world, indeed the entire universe is my home,
and because, on occasions, I feel closer to animals of the farthest continents
than to certain people of my home country.

I am not a patriot because I am at home anywhere I can engage with my inner self in silence,
where warm and open people line my path, no matter, where fate has just taken me;
because my piano means home to me rather than a border-restricted country guarded by people in uniform;
because my mother tongue is with me everywhere I go and understands me, even if I am not being understood by others.

I'm not a patriot,
because patriotism is the first step towards arrogance and ultimately, armed conflicts;
because it is precisely our German history which should have taught us how important it is to master perpetual guilt;
a guilt, borne out of patriotism and nationalism.