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Hinter den Schlagzeilen (Behind the Headlines)

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Uferlos in Amerika 

Konstantin's  country cottage "Rimortini" near Ambra (Italy) - a holiday possibility

KW is campaigning for…/KW is committed to…

Lohmar says No

Peace Culture

Disarmament not Rearmament

Patronage - German Songs-for-Peace Competition 2018

Patronage - Theater Grenzenlos (Theatre without Limits)

Lesehund (Reading Dogs) - Reading Dogs can help children


Dein München (Our Munich) - We are committed to helping disadvantaged children and young people to take part in community life in Munich

Network against BAYER dangers

Office for Counter Culture (in collaboration with Heinz Ratz) - the cultural 'rapid response force' against right-wing extremism

Keine halben Kinder (Full blown Children)

Appeal against War Propaganda and War Preparation

Solidarity CD "Free Mumia" and "Free the Cuban Five" 
- containing "Sage nein" with K. Wecker

Johannes-Hospiz der Barmherzigen Brüder (Hospice in Munich)

Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (Children's hospice in Munich)

Ganzheitliches Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum 
zur Förderung und Integration behinderter Frauen e.V.

(Holistic Education and Counselling Centre, to support and help integrate disabled women)

Schule ohne Rassismus (No-Rassism-in-Schools Organisation)


Nicos Farm

Kinderhospiz Löwenherz (children's hospice)

Netzwerk Therapiehilfe (Network for therapeutical help)

Globalisation is not a fate - another world can be possible


Links to friends and colleagues / other artists

Sarah Straub (CD "Alles das und mehr" with songs by Konstantin Wecker, Sturm & Klang Label, 06.09.2019)

Miriam Green (CD "Wanderlust", Sturm & Klang Label)

Lucy van Kuhl (CD "Dazwischen", Sturm & Klang Label)

Josef Hien (CD "Mit Dir", Sturm & Klang Label)

Kleeberg (EP "Idee 1000", Sturm & Klang Label)

Andy Houscheid (CD "Talent", Sturm & Klang Label)

Vivek (CD "Solo", Sturm & Klang Label)

Shekib Mosadeq (CD "Der Deserteur", Sturm & Klang Label)

Vivid Curls (CD "Eine Welt" , Sturm & Klang Label)

Tamara Banez (CD "Ecken und Kanten", Sturm & Klang Label)

Pablo Miró (CD "Courage", Sturm & Klang)

Roger Stein (CDs "Lieder ohne mich" and "Alles vor dem Aber", Sturm & Klang Label)

Dominik Plangger (CD "Hoffnungsstur", Sturm & Klang Label)

Katrin Rosenzopf (Unerhörte Lieder)

Songs an einem Sommerabend and friends - A group on facebook for friends interested in the singer songwriters scene

Heinz Ratz (Strom & Wasser) 

Hannes Wader 


Reinhard Mey 

Willy Michl

Andreas Giebel

Das Spring String Quartet

Joan Baez

Arlo Guthrie

Hubert von Goisern

Hakim Ludin (Percussion, Drums, Sound, Innovation) 

Pippo Pollina

Norbert Nagel (Flöte, Klarinette, Saxophon)

Sissy Staudinger (Entertainerin)

Torsten Riemann (Liedermacher) 

Klaus-André Eickhoff (Songwriter) 

Stefan Winkler (Songwriter from the South Tyrol) 


Discovered during a stroll through Dresden.
The wonderful pages about Erich Kästner.


Other Partners

Konstantin Wecker plays Bösendorfer

Konstantin Wecker endorses AKG

Thomas Karsten: Original photographs of Konstantin Wecker – available for order 

Konstantin's Country and Guest House in Tuscany - available for holiday bookings  

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