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Passionate Appeals for more Humanity



Munich. A bleak sounding title, BUT certainly a program with a feel-good factor that reassures and encourages. Until the end of this year, the singer and songwriter Konstantin Wecker is on a ‘Weltenbrand’ (World on Fire) concert tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Audiences and media alike are full of praise and simply enthusiastic following these performances, during which the Munich based artist performs songs he has composed over the course of four decades, together with the Bavarian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra with Mark Mast as conductor.  There is not a hint of an outdated sound!

The Newspaper Mainpost in Würzburg reports: ‘Everything is fresh, everything is as new and valid as ever. The powerful arrangements for the small orchestra are sometimes fast-paced, sometimes rocky, then may be sensual, dancing or also mighty.’

The Stuttgarter Zeitung, speaks of zippy, sentimental and swinging rhythms produced by the Chamber Orchestra which is a perfect fit around the four-piece Wecker band with Jo Barnikel on piano. Their versatility allows them to produce classical and caribbean as well as Middle Eastern sounds, and, at times, they may also rock quite nicely!

What's more: Wecker's lyrics, in verse, verbal strength, melody and rhythm of speech are still widely considered to be a kind of benchmark for the German song and poet scene. These elements come to full bloom through the rich colours and tones produced by this culturally diverse ensemble.  

The online portal inFranken.de sums up the concert experience at Schloss Eyrichshof with the words: ‘Despite all the anger, all the outrage and all the rebellion that still feature in Wecker's songs, it is a concert evening full of empathy and affection, from the audience towards the artist and orchestra, and of course from Konstantin Wecker towards his audience.’

“Strong as always in voice and attitude”

Niederrrösterreichische Nachrichten report as follows on the concert in Tulln: ‘Konstantin Wecker's breath-taking lyrics and the impressive classical sounds of the Bavarian Philharmonic Orchestra made the Danube stage audience applaud at lengths on many occasions.’

OÖ Nachrichten say, ‘the Munich based singer-songwriter's voice was of the quality with which he has always been catching the attention of his audiences: clear, full of charisma, just like his attitude.’ Under the heading “Strong as always in voice and attitude”, the Newspaper writes about the concert in Linz: ‘Wecker has not lost any of his anger directed at everything against his values. In front of a good 2300 strong audience in the square of the Mariendom in Linz, he eloquently addressed the audience speaking against nationalism, against the obsession for power, against xenophobia and economic and ecological discord. As per the program title ‘Weltenbrand’ (World on Fire), these were passionate appeals for humanity that are unlikely to change for a long time to come. Conclusion: A concert full of encouragement."

The Album:

Konstantin Wecker and the Bavarian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Conductor Mark Mast
New Release on 11.10.2019! (Can be purchased in the following formats: 2 CDs, 3 LPs or digitally)
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