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Weltenbrandtour 2019 Wecker



  • Shares his life between Munich and Tuscany (Italy), married to Annik, with two sons (Valentin, 1997) and Tamino 1999)
  • New tours with different casts; new CD releases - amongst others "Wut und Zaertlichkeit” (Rage and Tenderness) and "Poesie und Widerstand" (Poetry and Resistance)
  • Film Documentary by Rudi Gaul:  "Wader Wecker Vater Land” (Wader Wecker Fatherland)
  • Solidarity Event with the people from Greece in Athens and visit to Mikis Theodorakis
  • “Liedestoll” (Song-Craze) Tour with Angelika Kirchschlager
  • Release of Poetry collection "Jeder Augenblick ist ewig” (Every Instant is Eternal)
  • Music Label “Sturm & Klang” with own productions and the promotion of other artists
  • Book Release  "Dann denkt mit dem Herzen - Ein Aufschrei in der Debatte um Flüchtlinge" (EN: „Just think with your heart - A public outcry in the debate about refugees")
  • Erich Mühsam Prize of the Erich Mühsam Society e.V.
  • Biography Release "Das ganze schrecklich schöne Leben“ (The Entire, Truly Wonderful Life)


  • Continued solo tours with different accompanying artists
  • New singer-songwriter CDs
  • Various theatre and film music
  • Musical compositions, amongst others “Das Dschungelbuch Musical”, “Hundertwasser. Das Musical” and “Ludwig 2”
  • Tours with his longstanding German fellow singer and songwriter Hannes Wader
  • 2003 trip to and concert in Baghdad with the “Kultur des Friedens” (Culture of Peace) movement
  • Novel "Der Klang der ungespielten Töne” (The Resonance of the un-staged Sounds)
  • Receives World Music Prize RUTH Award for the "Baghdad Kabul Project"
  • "WeckErlebnisse” ((touring with the Munich Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Manfred Knaak)
  • Book Release "Die Kunst des Scheiterns”  (The Art of Failing) (Biography)
  • Receives the Erich Fromm Prize 2007 presented by the International Erich Fromm Society (in conjunction with Eugen Drewermann)
  • Singer-songwriter workshops in Munich and Würzburg


  • Further tours and CDs as a singer-songwriter 
  • Double LP/CD and tour named "Classics" with the Munich Radio Orchestra (conductor: Peter Herbolzheimer)
  • Novel "Uferlos"
  • Music to the film "Schtonk" (directed by: Helmut Dietl)
  • Kurt Tucholsky Prize
  • 1995 Arrested and put into custody for cocaine possession / released on bail
  • CD “Brecht” with Brecht lyrics set to music
  • Book "Es gibt keine Leben ohne Tod, Nachdenken über Glück, Abhängigkeit und eine andere Drogenpolitik”, (There is no life without death. Thoughts about happiness, addiction and a different drug policy)
  • Composing first children's musical "Jim Knopf and Lukas der Lokomotivführer”  based on the story by Michael Ende
  • Sentenced to one year and eight months imprisonment on probation


  • Move to Tuscany with musicians and friends
  • Further tours and recordings (records followed by CDs)
  • 1982 Music for the film "Weisse Rose” (directed by Michael Verhoeven)
  • 1984 Opening of a music Café "Kaffee Giesing" in Munich, with annexed recording studio
  • CDs and tours with jazz musicians in particular Wolfgang Dauner and Charlie Mariano
  • Music for the TV series (ARD) "Kir Royal" (Directed by Helmut Dietl)
  • 1988 Touring with "3 Stimmen” (3 voices) featuring Joan Baez, Mercedes Sosa, the band and the Modern String Quartet


  • D.o.B. June 1,  1947, Munich, baptised Konstantin Alexander Wecker
  • Parents - Alexander and Dorothea Wecker
  • Learns to play the piano as a child, this was later followed by violin and guitar lessons
  • Sings boy soprano in 'Rudolf Lamy children's choir'
  • Performing as soloist in recordings and in a children's opera
  • Running away from home – following his idea to lead a life as a ‘free poet’
  • First solo appearances from 1968
  • Baccalaureate - followed by Philosophy and Psychology Studies in Munich
  • Pianist and arranger in recording studios
  • Playing Annas and cover Judas during the tour of "Jesus Christ Superstar" in German language
  • Actor in sex films
  • From 1973, giving concerts, touring as a songwriter, recording LPs
  • Writes first theatre and film scores
  • 1977 recording LP "Genug ist nicht genug" (Enough is not Enough) and breakthrough with the song "Willy"
  • 1978 first book of poetry and prose: "Ich will noch eine ganze Menge Leben" (I still want to do a lot of Living!)