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Dedicated to those who are desperately trying to protect a forest (most certainly in vain)


Dear Friends,  

In the face of the capital crime committed at a 12,000-year-old forest, (of which only a small part remains today) which dedicated people are desperately trying to save - possibly in vain, I would like to remind you once again of a song I sang on 5.2.1986 in Dieter Hildebrandt's “Scheibenwischer” programme. I dedicate this song to the saviours of the forest.
This forest has provided an existence for countless animals over the years which now have to die – the bat caves have already been covered with tarpaulin.

On the website "Hambi bleibt" I found the following text:

"Every person here speaks only for him/herself. We are not an association or an organization, but an amalgamation of free people. We all agree that there is a link between environmental degradation and power. A system where some have the power to pass on the negative consequences of their actions to others and keep the profit for their own benefit, lends itself to the depletion of the earth’s resources, because these people don’t suffer the consequences directly.

That’s why our fight must remain human and free of dominance. We don't have bosses or leaders and we try to do away with hierarchy wherever we can.  

We want to protect the space we have been fighting for so that it offers plenty of room for the development for each individual.”