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This is a dream come true


Dear Friends,

This is a dream come true for me. Finally - we are going on tour with the Bavarian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra directed by my friend Mark Mast!

A few days ago, we had our first rehearsal with the orchestra and it felt brilliant. 20 musicians from 19 nations are taking part in this project, together with my friends Jo Barnikel, Fany Kammerlander and Severin Trogbacher.

Some of my songs which I wrote 40 years ago, influenced by Carl Orff at the time, I can now finally hear exactly as I intended them to sound whilst composing. As you may well know, I grew up surrounded by the so-called classical music and these sounds effectively constitute my artistic home.

Jo has written great orchestral arrangements and I look forward to every tone of this exciting sound experience.
The fabulous conductor Mark Mast is a long- standing friend of mine and we have performed together many times. It was he who came up with the idea for me to compose "Carmina Bavariae".

And here it is now - our brand-new Tour ‘Weltenbrand’ starting on June 1 in Baiersbronn. All our tour dates can be found following the link below and I look forward to welcoming you at the concerts.

For me these concerts represent a wonderful birthday present, but of course, the fact of performing with a chamber orchestra, will certainly not prevent me from touching on our current appalling political situation! Not just poetry is resistance - but also music must mean resistance in these times!

And I know that all my musicians will again passionately and actively support me: With rebellion, with tenderness - disobediently and emancipated.

I look forward to every concert and to seeing you there.

The video link above provides a small insight into our rehearsal work.