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Thank you, Carola!


Dear Carola,

I am writing these lines to you today as a Thank You.

A Thank You for the humble and obvious ways with which you are doing something that we should all do:

Save people in need.

We all know that it is the Salvinis of this world who belong behind bars and not you.

They should be convicted for conspiracy to murder and for crimes against humanity. Law and Order become in themselves obsolete once kindness starts to be punished.

You encourage and inspire me, dear Carola, because young women like yourself line the path for us to a more humane, equal and domination-free world.

Some reader comments I came across (including in the so-called serious newspapers) sent shivers down my spine. It occurs to me that some of these gentlemen, who seemingly do not wish to give up their rule under any circumstances, start to panic somewhat. And, probably, the very word Captain is already enraging some of them.

Dear Carola, in some ways you remind me of Sophie Scholl in your utterly calm and unagitated ways.

It's not about victory but about action!

You are taking these steps out of your deepest inner conviction and your actions are not meant to save the world but first and foremost to save people in distress.

You as well as the many other committed helpers and anti-fascists working tirelessly in the background, contribute to keep this world alive and strengthen our hope that we will resist these stormy times.

Thank you.

‘And no, I shall never stop dreaming of a domination-free society, united through people’s interaction’!