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Carola Rackete is free!!


The 31-year-old was arrested on Saturday and placed under house arrest for steering the "Sea-Watch 3" with 40 refugees aboard into the port of Lampedusa. According to Sea-Watch, the judge, however, considered Rackete's decision indispensable to berth at Lampedusa as the nearest safe harbour.

Salvini is furious: "That lady's place would have been prison that night. A judge has decided that it is not going to happen this way, "Salvini commented in a live video on Facebook. He said he was disgusted by the decision. "Anyway, we will reform this justice. (...) Because this judgment is harmful to Italy, it does not speak in the country’s favour. "

Solely a dictator can change the judiciary system. Let’s hope that he will never succeed.

I thank all those who, with their comments, have provided me with encouragement and acknowledged my thoughts.

And to all those who have submerged me with their rude insults may I urge you not to simply believe everything you hear and see on your obscure media channels. All arguments against Carola Rackete and her father have long been identified as fake news.

Trust your hearts, as deep inside yourselves their must be compassion, the strongest requisite of mankind: compassion for all living things.

Compassion simply cannot be divided into white and black, Germans and non-Germans, rich and poor, pretty and not so well adapted people.

If someone breaks down in front of you in the street, do you try and establish where he comes from and what his religious disposition is before you rush to the rescue?

I can understand your disappointment, in a society that worships competition, there can only be losers.

Reinhard Thalhamer Moreau commented so very accurately that what the competition enthusiasts do not really get - just like their victims - is that a competitive contest is a selection process to determine a winner and that all other participants automatically become losers in this set-up. Therefore, by definition, a competitive society is a loser society, something that has become very clearly visible after near enough forty years of neoliberalism.

It is therefore important to look across such a system and to change it instead of becoming intoxicated by such traditional, outdated and murderous ideologies like nationalism.

„Let them rot in their tombs – do not open their graves!”

And .. just one little advice to the many insulting and abusive people:

The correct use of spelling and grammar can be a huge help in sitting back and quietly reviewing the written work, consciously reading through the text one more time and, if necessary, correcting it