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On Top of the Agenda: War


(Admin) Both, the old and the new German defence ministers are backing an increase in militarisation within Europe.

Those who feel the irresistible desire to live and not die, should now rise-up against this dangerous act of madness.

Author of this message is Konstantin Wecker on the occasion of Friedensstadtwoche (Peace-City-Week) Tübingen/Stuttgart 19-21 July, 2019.

Dear Friends,

We have just been told what constitutes the 'highest priority' in politics and it turns out that it’s certainly none of the following:
• it’s not the growing number of the poor and needy in our country…
• it’s not the terrible shift to the right and the increase of inhumanity within refugee policies…
• it’s not the collapse of our eco-system that threatens the very survival of us all.
Instead, our new German Defence Minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, has just taught us that it is the Bundeswehr which has the highest priority, almost like a newly created fundamental right to killing and dying!

To start with, the job title ‘Defence Minister’ is already a lie, because there is nowhere at the moment, in Germany, where the country is being attacked at its border. As the job title is not even honest, how can we expect the incumbent to show honesty?

Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer is desperate to become chancellor come what may and, in the process, likes to take up the position as incendiary and stirrer – on the backs of possible victims of war.

She even acquired a taste for President Trump's 2 percent target. More money spent for bombs instead of renovating schools, plant trees and provide a more dignified livelihood for the lesser abled.

What sort of era do we actually live in? Remember the wonderful vows of many people in the face of the ruins of the Second World War, "No more fascism, no more war!"? And now? It’s only taken 70 years to turn this wording into "Gladly war again – and gladly also a bit of fascism".

The hypocrisy of our rulers and those in power is increasingly unprecedented. Ursula von der Leyen urged the soldiers to "Stay safe!” in some kind of a last order of the day, after she was hoisted – against all democratic principles - to the post of the most powerful European due to some enigmatic backroom agreements.

For one it is absurd to "command" protection. But it is audacious to play the protector of people who would be unscrupulously sent to their deaths. My colleague Udo Lindenberg aptly pinpointed what to think of such politics: 'They make people become murderers and they waffle about victory'.

Dear friends of peace, 
we are nearing an era of increasing militarisation, both in Europe and in Germany. Military parades, as seen recently in France, will just as much redefine this picture as PR officers of the Bundeswehr appearing in German classrooms. The newspapers will be filled with endless moaning about insufficiently functioning military equipment. If only it were our weapons that mal-functioned or stopped working, with the result of fewer killings and mutilations! As it is now our tax payers’ monies are being deviated into politics only to flow uninhibitedly into tools of killing.

Weapons scoop up our future and do immense damage long before the first shot was fired in a raging war.

Dear friends, it is good to know that you are here to rise-up against this dangerous madness with your banners, your passion, your anger and your courage and with a heart in each one of you that is still capable to feel the invaluable loss of every life destroyed.

Let's keep fighting! It’s about being involved. We are likely to face truly dark times if we are not successful in securing a win with non-violent vehemence.