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A Great Honour


Dear friends

It was a very touching moment for me at the Pauls Church in Frankfurt yesterday afternoon. What an honour to be awarded the Albert-Schweitzer-Medal.

The wonderfully worded laudatio was delivered by Neurobiologist Mr Gerald Huether. You can read it here at ‘Hinter den Schlagzeilen’ (Behind the Headlines):

Margot Käßmann, the co-publisher of my pacifist book “Entruestet Euch”! (Show Indignation!), also gave fabulous a speech which can be found here :

In addition to this, I had myself also prepared a speech for this occasion - somewhat more angry - but after so many weighty previous speakers, I decided to refrain from reading it to the public and sang a few songs instead. Nevertheless, the speech can be found here:

For photographs of the event, please use this link: https://wecker.de/de/fotos.html