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Rojava - Let us stop this war now!


Rojava in northern Syria should be everyone’s concern and the people of Rojava need our global solidarity. Let’s act now and stop this war of aggression (a violation of international law) and the war crimes committed by the Turkish Erdogan regime and its Islamist mercenaries. The people of Rojava need our global solidarity. And we also need the utopia of Rojava, a social experiment of a grassroots civil organisation, a feminist, ecological, socially fair, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. For years, the self-managed project in Rojava has been constituting a glimmer of hope throughout the region. It works tirelessly for peace and solidarity and against hatred and destruction.  

The German government, however, as well as the German corporations and the German arms industry continue to give their support to the criminal and racist Erdogan regime. Therefore, the politicians in power become complicit in a war of aggression, seen that the Turkish army uses German weapons and German tanks to commit their war crimes.  This is simply intolerable!

I hope, therefore, that on November 2nd, people around the world will take to the streets in defence of Rojava and against the war. In the coming weeks and months we simply need a wave of civil disobedience, so that we can finally stop all arms deliveries to the Turkish regime. Furthermore, we must put an end to this lethal EU-Turkey-deal against all those who have to flee war, hunger, hardship and destruction. It's about the people of Rojava and humanity! Let us stop this war now!