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Dear friends,

It was following long and intensive discussions with my journalist friend and author of ‘Hinter den Schlagzeilen’ Michael Backmund, (for which I am, incidentally, very grateful) that I penned the introductory text to our livestream concert on 22.3.2020.

It had sounds of my Willy ballads running in the background.

How about we allow this painful crisis to lead us to a collective rethink?

At this moment in time I am possibly closer than ever before to my dream, my utopia of a loving world, free of domination and full of solidarity;

my dream of a society without exploiters and neoliberal profiteers, without arms dealers, authoritarian populists and devoid of all the fascists, racists, sexists, nationalists and warmongers.

We’ve had enough of that, once and for all!

Perhaps it is only now that people are beginning to understand the kind of neoliberal dictatorship they have been living under for decades?

Our ‘so very caring’ politicians have, for decades, been privatising to the upper limit our health care systems for maximum profit and, above all, there has not been any kind or preparation or plan enabling the protection of all people for the case of such a crisis. Why? Perhaps simply because they could not figure out how to make a killing from it?

Instead of crying out for a stronger leader, we should, right now, take matters into our own hands and be mindful not to trust those in the future, who currently act as masters of every law.

What is happening now is for many rulers also a perfect exercise for a permanent state of emergency or a path to a dictatorship.

And as an old anarchist, I have to say that

I want to decide myself at what point to curtail my personal freedom and not have it done by politicians such as Söder, Kurz or Macron, who I would never ever have elected under any circumstances. Let’s reject the patriarchy!

It is with a view to protecting one another, that we have cancelled concerts, parties and meetings (and not because of Söder). And, when it is again possible, we will gather in the streets all the more powerfully, celebrate life and assert a different society.

Actually, what are the plans now for the poorest, the people seeking protection at the EU's external borders, the fugitives and the homeless? Will they now be subject to a total entry ban by the government?

It’s for them we should all raise our voices immediately!

All inhumane camps must be abolished now and people feel our support and solidarity. The Washington Post has recently warned Government not to strangle the society it is trying to save ".


Konstantin Wecker