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Systemic relevance?


Dear friends,

The German magazine DER SPIEGEL recently learned, that Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, (Minister of War) officially informed the American government last Thursday of Germany’s intention to purchase a total of 45 F-18 jets from the US manufacturer Boeing to replace the Luftwaffe's ailing fleet of "Tornado" fighter jets.

Therefore, we learn that in these times of crisis, arms trade and manufacture of weapons are systemically relevant, just as seem to be the gambling over shares. In the NRW Region (North Rhine Westphalia) furniture store seem to be systemically relevant and in Bavaria from April 27th, it’s car dealerships.

The fact that nurses may be systemically relevant did not even I part occur to our politicians in all those decades when they almost fully destroyed the health care system through privatisation. Otherwise these health care professionals would have been paid better wages.

And one other thought never entered and probably never will enter the minds of politicians, which is that culture could possibly be very relevant to the system. These politicians are currently leaving the artists to their own devices, depriving them of performances and earnings.

Well obviously, culture could possibly influence people’s temptation not to sacrifice all they have in life for the maximisation of profit including one’s soul and one’s mind.

Culture could also be responsible for stirring things or even inspire intimidated people to think freely! Culture may also bring about change!

And, above all, culture may instil courage in people to not simply put up with things without challenging or questioning anything.

However, culture is seemingly not relevant to this system. Maybe it's relevant to another, more open system? In any case, it’s got to be more relevant than arms dealing and stock market speculation.

Well then, dear politicians - if culture has so little systemic relevance, why don't you turn off the radio, TV, Netflix, Amazon and all the live streams for which these companies don't pay a single penny to the artists?

And culture could also bring other ideas to the forefront! Systemically relevant are of course, the contradiction, the strange and conflicting, the protest, the actions, the resistance, the blockade, the demonstration, the chains of protest, the non-streamlined happenings such as a self-organized protest camp by Ende Gelände  (Ende Gelände is a campaign by the anti-coal power movement, which has been organising major annual campaigns in German lignite mining areas since 2015) for the occupation of open-cast coal mines. Young people often learn more through these actions and develop their fantasies as during their whole schooling period.

And this is how our politicians seem to know with such precision that culture is not necessarily relevant for this system.

Because poetry is resistance.

In any case, culture is definitely relevant for the people in this system.

And isn't this then therefore relevant to the system again?

And even if, like many of my friends, I should soon be stigmatised as an apologist of a vanishing culture, then we will simply carry literature virtually into the hearts of all those for whom culture will always have relevance, just

like Oskar Werner in the role of Monday in "Fahrenheit 451".

Konstantin Wecker