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Poetry in Turbulent Times


Dear friends,

It’s been three and a half years now that we have been touring with our trio concerts – all in addition to other programmes, of course, such as the "Weltenbrand" tour with the Bavarian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. The Trio has Jo Barnikel, my musical alter ego for the last 27 years on piano and keyboard as well as the wonderful cellist Fany Kammerlander who has performed every concert with us for the past six years and we could not do without her.  It goes without saying that we were very much looking forward to the upcoming concerts!  And I was repeatedly asked by my audience for a CD with this line-up.

And then Corona struck entailing one concert postponement after another. We sincerely hope that we will be able to present our program live again soon. After all, it is the interaction during the concerts with you - the audience - that we, as artists, are missing tremendously! I quickly realised that, just like so many of my colleagues, I also wanted to offer a streamed concert free of charge, and I immediately had Fany’s and Jo’s full support. In the meantime, we have streamed three concerts, which are still available for viewing worldwide and free of charge via my website and or on YouTube.

We had some great guests on these shows with, more recently, for example, the still tirelessly active Holocaust survivor Esther Bejarano and the Honduran singer and peace activist Karla Lara.

The young and very talented artists of my Sturm & Klang label Sarah Straub and Tamara Banez were also performing with us.

It is fundamentally strange to sing and play live concerts simply in front of cameras. However, the many mails and comments we received, helped to reassure us that sitting in front of computer screens and TVs almost felt like the real thing at times!

Soon the idea of a CD was born, a Trio CD recorded from our streamed concerts, a special CD with the idea to provide - with 5 Euro per sold CD -    financial support to the other Sturm & Klang Label artists, to the production team and all employees behind the scenes.

This CD called "Poesie in stürmischen Zeiten"  (Poetry in turbulent times) is available exclusively in the Sturm & Klang Shop from today and the digital album via the regular online offer. It is a live recording from our streamed concert on 22.03.2020. It contains my latest update and thoughts to my deceased friend ‘Willy’ during my latest "visit" to his grave. Here is the "Willy 2020" video to get you in the right mood and give you food for thought.


To the CD order:


Konstantin Wecker