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'UTOPIA' - A Matter Close to my Heart


Dear friends,

We had originally planned to start touring with my new ‘Utopia’ show in autumn 2020. Venues were all booked, advance ticket sales well under way and we were all truly looking forward to being on stage with this exciting new show.

Then, sadly, all planned concerts had to be cancelled, as we know.

As a teenager, I was hugely fascinated by Thomas Morus’ book ‘Utopia’. He was a friend of Erasmus of Rotterdam who incidentally dedicated his book "In Praise of Folly" to Thomas Morus. Thomas lived in 16th century England, during the Renaissance period, the Reformation era, the age of Wars of Religion and the times of autocratic kings and princes. During that time i.e.300 years prior to Karl Marx, he drafted a framework for socialist and almost communist ideas.

What fascinated me so much, in fact, was probably the idea of a life free of domination and anarchism without private ownerships and monetary economies. A humane life without domination and the need for obedience. Many years later, Morus paid with his life for displaying his liberal ways of thinking when he refused to obey the orders of King Henry VIII. On 6 July 1535, Thomas Morus was executed on Tower Hill at the age of 57.

Those who want to be part of reshaping the future into a new and fairer one, first have to gain an understanding of the present. We no longer want to be taken for a ride by the rapidly spreading stupidity of power, we urgently, at this time, need a utopia, a social vision that entails a better life for everyone in this world, one of hope and courage, allowing us to survive. The search for a utopia is an exciting journey into a free world full of dreams and a yearning for a better life.

As opposed to Helmut Schmidt, who once said "Anyone who has visions should see a doctor", I am of the opinion that those who have no visions should urgently consult a therapist.

The ruling elites have been trying to persuade us for centuries now, that a utopia, i.e. another, fairer society, cannot be achieved.  We will see to that!  Let’s ensure that this supposedly ‘unrealisable goal’ is implemented before the rich and powerful put the final nail in the coffin of world destruction.

The German philosopher Ernst Bloch once put it so appropriately by saying ‘it all depends on learning how to have hope’.  Utopia is a process of awareness and visualizing the possibility of change. Social struggles are, therefore, largely driven by people's hopes for a better life and a fairer world.

‘Utopia’ is close to my heart and I very much hope to be able to bring this show to the stage in the autumn of 2021.

I am currently in the studio with Fany and Jo and, together with other guest musicians, we are recording my 14 new ‘Utopia’ poems and songs.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Konstantin Wecker