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We are living in terrible and distressing times! As an anti-militarist and pacifist, I remain firmly convinced that this criminal war of aggression by Putin’s machinery of power against the people of Ukraine, can and will only be stopped by an international peace and anti-war movement. We have to rise-up and take to the streets and squares of this world, and, at the same time, fight to prevent the danger of a much bigger war!

My feelings and thoughts are with those injured and killed in Ukraine, and my empathy and solidarity go to all the individuals implicated in this dreadful fighting. The number of people having to fight for their lives increases by the hour. And, as always in such wars, it is the people, nature and animals who suffer the most.

Despite being truly distraught I can honestly say that the courageous people in Russia and around the world fill me with hope. Every day, forever more people in Russia are building an anti-war movement under the most difficult circumstances and battling against repression. They too deserve our full support and solidarity. All the fearless people in Ukraine and around the world, who do not want to be submitted to constraints by authoritarian rulers, also continue to give me hope.  Consequently, let’s open the borders to all war refugees from Ukraine without exception, and that must include black students who have been living and studying there for many years! However, the border to Syria, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen or Turkey also need to be open, for all those people who need to flee the bombs of the Russian Putin-Empire, the NATO empire and even German bombs and weapons.

Let us lend our support to the friends of the peace movements in Russia. There is an immediate need for a mass mobilisation against the war of aggression, a call to all Russian soldiers to immediately refuse orders and desert. Solely a revolt among Russian soldiers will entail an immediate end to this war! The more mature generation will remember that we had the same situation in Vietnam - the beginning of the end of the US war of aggression occurred through the mass desertion and revolts of the ordinary US soldiers against their officers and generals.

We must create a cross-bloc, international peace and anti-war movement, and we need it NOW! At the same time, we need a vision of a peaceful European house again, as Gorbachev, amongst others, proposed at the time for a post-Cold War peace order.

In my view, the current political coalition “Die Ampel” is barking up the wrong tree. €100 billion for a re-armament will not create peace, but will instead only drive up the share prices of the arms industry and further accelerate climate change.

Instead, a sum of €100 billion for a pan-European emergency programme for an immediate energy transition with renewable energies would protect the world climate and, at the same time, let the energy plans of "flawless democrats" like Putin come to nothing.

In the darkest hours of this war of aggression, I maintain that we should watch out not to be taken for a ride by power itself and our current powerlessness. We have got to try and reach the hearts of millions of people so that the Russian soldiers desert and thus stop the murder of the brave people in Ukraine.

I therefore urge you today, to accompany me on my journey to Utopia. I will never cease to fight for a world free of domination, because only a socially fair world of people united in solidarity will free us from wars, climate change, racism, patriarchy and capitalism.

A global movement from the bottom up is much more realistic than the deadly and destructive power politics of the military blocks.  Such a movement alone can stop the millennia-old patriarchy, which manages to get back into power again and again, with the help of wars and military obedience.

With this in mind, let’s create solidarity and kindness between people, go against all borders, all wars and against all empires.

Konstantin Wecker