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Ezé Wendtoin - Sag nein!

Dear Friends, Ezé Wendtoin, the young German Studies Specialist and songwriter from Burkina Faso, has already taken part in a number of my concerts and impressed audiences with his ... more ...


Dedicated to those who are desperately trying to protect a forest (most certainly in vain)

Dear Friends,   In the face of the capital crime committed at a 12,000-year-old forest, (of which only a small part remains today) which dedicated people are desperately trying to save - ... more ...


Willy 2018

Dear Friends, Your many responses and comments to my last post prompted me to write a further version of "Willy 2018", using extracts from them in my song. This was the opening song in my concerts ... more ...


Allow me to let off steam!

Dear Friends, I need of let off steam! During recent concerts, I read out a text which I wrote a few months ago and I have now been asked to make it available for you on-line. It is extracted from ... more ...


Why I am not a patriot!

Dear Friends, It was at the political rally of the Nationalistic Party in Koblenz, the ‘free-style event’ of the "European National Front" organized for Mrs. Petry, (the dumb rhetoric ... more ...